A Turkey Celebration

This year I celebrated Thanksgiving in style.


As you may be able to tell, I decorated this shirt (quite expertly, if you ask me) by hand using a cheap sweatshirt, felt, craft glue, buttons, and a pair of googly eyes.

Eventually I might upload and share the patterns I used to make the turkey, but today’s not that day. (However, let me know if you want the patterns and I can do it sooner rather than later.)

This shirt was super easy to make (and fueled my excitement for a couple holiday projects), but best of all, this festive turkey shirt only cost me about $10 and a couple hours of my time.

Also, for those of you keeping tabs on my beautiful Mocha Jo. She thoroughly enjoyed her first Thanksgiving. She probably had more people food than she should have, but it comes with the territory of being my dog. At the end of the day, she was full, thankful and sleepy.



One thought on “A Turkey Celebration

  1. […] not, I made this sweater for the head honcho of the company I work for. He made a comment about the turkey sweater I wore before Thanksgiving and I mentioned, “oh just wait until Christmas.” Ultimately, I […]

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