Don’t wine that you don’t have one

I did it again.

I completed another project that I am so in love with that I subject anyone and everyone to photos of it. I’m proud mom of it, if you will.

Last year, I turned a pallet into a media shelf. It still impresses me how well it turned out, and I still catch myself looking at my awesome craftsmanship. However, I have outdone myself. Big time.

Remember the old entertainment center that I gave a facelift a couple of years ago?


Well, this is what it looks like now…


This old entertainment center that my parents probably first assembled in the late 80s is now a kick ass wine rack that adds a pop of color in my particularly white kitchen. The photos help convey how amazing this project turned out, but I must say, the photos really don’t do it justice.




The best part of the project was the cost, or lack thereof. The only thing I spent money on was the green paint, which I happened to find on clearance for $8. And, since it I didn’t use anywhere near the full gallon, I have plenty leftover for future projects.

I would love to take all the credit for this project, but I do owe couple of people some credit. First, The Boy deserves a big thanks. When I was moving in May I came close to tossing the entertainment center because I didn’t have a need for it anymore. The Boy, however, convinced me otherwise by suggesting I use the piece for a future project. So I tucked the entertainment center in the window nook of my new kitchen with the notion that I would turn it into something better suited for the kitchen, either storage or perhaps a wine rack of some sort.

Second, The Boy’s Uncle Buck deserves a bigger thanks. Shortly after my move, some of The Boy’s family came over for dinner. Seeing that the entertainment center fit well in the kitchen nook and liking the wine rack idea, one of The Boy’s uncles offered to contribute his shop skills and tools to the project. Because he offered the exact help I needed to complete this project, I was bound and determined to turn the entertainment center into a wine rack. I did the painting and drew up the blueprint, while he did the cutting and (re)assembly.

So, thanks to these two, I now have a wine rack that everyone is (and rightfully should be) jealous of. Not to mention, the wine rack gives me the perfect excuse for always having wine on hand…



4 thoughts on “Don’t wine that you don’t have one

  1. Rex says:

    This is so awesome.

  2. […] What’s even more fitting is that it looks eerily similar to the entertainment center the middle upgraded just a few years ago (and thank goodness she already knew what she was doing!) before turning it into a wine rack. […]

  3. […] a year ago Uncle Buck made the addition to the middle’s old entertainment center to convert it into a wine rack. The middle said he might be willing to create a counter for me, so I jumped at the chance. After […]

  4. […] a couple years later, I turned it into a wine rack (with substantial help from Uncle […]

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