Adios Lent.

This past month has been one heck of a challenge for me. Although I’m not particularly religious, I decided to partake in Lent – or what I called 40 days of self-discipline. Not wanting to half ass my personal challenge, I laid out various “goals.”

The first was no soda. I don’t regularly consume soda, but when I do consume it, it is generally in mass amounts. As such, I decided it would be a good idea to give it up. — And I am proud to say I met this challenge. Barely, butI did it. To reward myself, I cracked open a can of Dr. Pepper for breakfast this morning. ūüôā

My second sacrifice was meat. I decided, for no real reason at all, to become a vegetarian for 40 days (minus my parents treating me to Famous Daves around day 10). While I enjoyed this in the beginning, this became incredibly difficult for me because I don’t like eggs and I don’t really care for beans. So with no meat, no eggs and limited beans, peanut butter and cheese were my saving graces.¬†I enjoyed the experience, but I can’t say I would do it again. I’m very much a meat eater, and I could tell my body was craving¬†legitimate¬†protein sources. — ¬†This goal went much better than I¬†initially¬†guessed. However, I did give up 3 days shy of Easter, but I decided this was a good thing because for brunch my parents and I went to Carnival Brazillian Grille.[For those who don’t live in Sioux Falls, Carnival is a restaurant where men (most of whom are cute) walk around with large skewers of¬†rotisserie¬†meat and cut you individual portions. Amazing food in an amazing atmosphere. You are bound to overeat there, but that’s okay because you’re paying for it.] While I quickly became buddy buddy with the pineapple guy, I had plenty of red meat. Right now, my GI tract is still unsure of how to digest all this meat, but I’m sure it’s coping a lot better than if I hadn’t eaten meat the past couple days.

My third challenge was push-ups. Yes, I tried this several times before, but for the 40 days I’ve done at least 25 push-ups a day. Not bad, especially considering the fact that I¬†re-injured¬†my bad shoulder (while doing push-ups!) a few weeks back. — Like ¬†said, I did really well on this challenge. I did miss a couple days, but I was always sure to “make-up” for the missed pushups the next day.

And my fourth challenge was flossing. I’m very consistent with brushing my teeth, but I’m am too lazy to be a consistent flosser. When I’m tired, the last thing I want to do is drag a string between my teeth. — I did miss a couple nights throughout the 40 days, but overall, this is the most¬†consistent¬†my flossing has been since the summer. Kudos to me.

So that’s what Lent entailed for me. Between my personal challenges and wrapping up my last undergraduate semester of college, I am surprised I did so well. But I guess that’s what happens when you put your mind to something. Perhaps I should try that with my blog…I’d like to try to update it more often, but this might have to wait until summer when I really have no excuses. We’ll see I suppose.


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