Changin’ It Up

Life has been full of change lately. Most notably, The Boy and I bought a house. It’s been a crazy whirlwind since (and I’ll eventually share photos), but we’ve gotten settled enough that I was able to take on a little project (because why would I wait until the boxes are unpacked to start something?!).

With a new color scheme throughout my house (where I opted to not cover the kitchen ceiling with green floral wallpaper like someone did in our rental), it was time to change the color of my wine rack. Before I unveil it’s new look, though, it’s only appropriate I remind you of where it started.

Remember, I repurposed an old school entertainment center that my parents had tucked away in their basement.


Then a couple years later, I turned it into a wine rack (with substantial help from Uncle Buck).


Now, a couple years later and as my first project in my new house, I stripped it,


primed it,


and painted it. (Can I just say paint sprayers are totally worth the investment?!)


And might I say, it looks pretty good in my dining room. Not only does it contrast the blue wall well, it compliments Mocha Jo’s fur-tone nicely (check out Mocha’s “let me look off into the distance” pose.)


The color and size of the wine rack turned out to be perfect for the space, not to mention it gave me much needed access to my wine… And, thanks to a pretty awesome paint stripper, it was a relatively easy project. If only the other project my sister and I have going on could be this easy…

But alas, I’ve completed my first non-house related project in my new house and I’m one step closer to being able to park in the garage. I can’t wait for all the exciting future projects I’m going to take on, but for now, my sister and I need to finish her project (and I should try to finish unpacking).


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