My new adventure

Six months ago I embarked on a new adventure: I started a new marketing job with an engineering firm.

This company appealed to me from the beginning. Its website was creative and, as much as I hate to say this, “hip” for the industry. And, the company boasted a reputation of valuing people, employees and clients alike.

The interview process also intrigued me. After submitting my application, I was asked for a coffee meeting with the man who would soon become my supervisor. During the coffee meeting,  I learned more about the position and the company, and my soon-to-be supervisor learned more about me. At the end of the meeting, I’m pretty sure both of us knew that this job would soon be mine.

A couple weeks later, I was formally interviewed. For three hours. By seven people, including the firm’s CEO. I was also given a “homework” writing assignment.

Despite not knowing how to prepare for a three-hour interview, I wasn’t nervous. I was curious to see if the people interviewing me would live up to the good things my soon-to-be supervisor said about them during our coffee. And they did.

I was smiling when I drove home from my interview — I never would have imagined an interview would be that enjoyable. Everything about this company was unique and genuine. As I reflected on my interview, I was certain this company was too good to be true; but if it was true, I definitely wanted to be part of it.

The next day, just a few short hours after submitting my writing assignment, I received a job offer — an offer I was anxious to accept.

I am not entirely certain I even knew about this firm before seeing the job listing, but as soon as I started sharing my new-job news, people came out of the woodwork. It seemed everyone had a connection to the firm, and still, people only had positive words to say about the firm and it people.

welcome packageOn my first day, I received a welcome package. The package included some goodies for me, like Dr. Pepper and gummy worms; but more importantly, the package included some goodies for Miss Mocha Jo. This small gesture further solidified my decision to work for this company.

Six months into my job, I’m comfortably settled in, but I am still in awe. I still feel like the company is too good to be true; it is as if I have yet to discover the closet full of dirty laundry. While I have found a few dirty socks along the way, I am starting to accept that this closet doesn’t exist.

Above all, the people at this company are fantastic. I’ve always been lucky enough to have great coworkers, but since that first coffee meeting through my six-month anniversary with the firm, I’m confident I found “my people.”

Six months ago was my first day at this company, and there’s no doubt in my mind that this is where I am supposed to be.


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