Day 12: Reason for the Season


Today is the day! Today is Day 12 of my 12 Days of Holiday Sweaters. Today’s sweater is one of the reasons I event started this holiday venture.

I cannot credit today’s sweater to my own creativity. I actually saw something similar on Pinterest and couldn’t stop laughing. In fact, a couple of my friends saw it there too, pinned it to their own boards, and then sent me direct links to make sure I saw it. Needless to say, this sweater screams Andrea.

However, before I unveil Day 12, let’s do a recap.


And now for the big reveal…

Inspired by this sweater

And without further ado…

Here is my twelfth and final holiday sweater for the  2013 holiday season:


Unsurprisingly, the shirt is a little front heavy.



So there it is. The final holiday sweater.

From the “My First Christmas” shirt to the eyes that close when the baby is laying down, this is without a doubt my favorite sweater of the bunch.

Miss Mocha Jo was also a fan.

with child


All jokes aside, it’s been a fabulous holiday season. For the first time in my family’s memory, I actually got into the holiday spirit. I had holiday home decor, I decorated my office (photos may come later…), I made other various holiday crafts, and I even “adopted” a family.

While I had fun with all my decor, crafts and sweaters, “adopting” a family added the most joy to my holiday season. There’s nothing more humbling than knowing you helped make another family’s Christmas morning a little more jolly. I drink my coffee black, but my coffee was plenty sweet this morning.

Happy holidays!


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