Day 7: An Elf Surprise



There’s something special about today’s sweater: mine is one of two almost identical sweaters. As I have mentioned a time or two, my older sister joined me in making some holiday sweaters over break. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to start one that we had plans for, but since I was committed to making mine, I brought her already purchased sweater to my place and promised to make it for her.

Had we been crafting the sweaters together, I think the sweaters would be a little different, but because I’m in the process of crafting a dozen holiday sweaters, I don’t really have the willingness or drive to create two unique elf sweaters — so I make two of the same . The only difference are very minor mess-ups character variations. (My present has a really odd crease in it and her elf’s ear is a little malformed).



While it took me longer to get to the sweater than I anticipated, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. I finished it just as some news rained on her holiday parade. So to help restore her holiday cheer, I packed up the elf and a holiday coffee blend she is recently addicted to, and sent her a holiday surprise in the mail.




Wearing her sweater to her own holiday potluck with our festive holiday headbands, I’d the elf surprise was a success.


One thought on “Day 7: An Elf Surprise

  1. […] craft glue and puffy paint there was. Day 10 took about 20 minutes, Day 11 took about an hour, and Day 7 took about 4 hours (but I was simultaneously making two…). Overall, for most of the sweaters, […]

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