Day 6: O Christmas Tree


I deviated a from my felt MO for sweater 6.



(Un)surprisingly, I found the the 3-dimensional aspect of the tree to be slightly annoying throughout the day. It certainly didn’t prevent me from doing my everyday activities, but I frequently had to readjust arm positions because my arms were disturbing my tree’s fuzz balls. Nonetheless, I really enjoyed making and wearing this sweater.



Clearly a home-crafted sweater, this one also prompted impromptu conversations with anyone and everyone I crossed paths with.

In addition to the sweater, Day 6 featured an accessory. Over Thanksgiving, my older sister and I were inspired to make our own holiday headband. So we rounded up the supplies…


and assembled.


A word of caution here: Hot glue the ornaments securely to the headband (not each other) and leave some wiggle room, or assemble the headband while it’s on a dummy/makeshift head. When we tried on our fully-decorated headbands, there was some creaking and cracking of the glue and headband because we assembled the headband in its contracted form and the ornaments had no wiggle room. However, we were fortunate enough that neither of our headbands broke…


And to complement my tree sweater, I sported my headband at my office’s holiday party last night.


A word of caution: don’t leave your headband sitting in a cold car all day because the glue might have an averse reaction, result in one of the ornaments falling off, and you having to frantically find tape or superglue on your way to your holiday party. Not that I’m speaking from experience or anything.


One thought on “Day 6: O Christmas Tree

  1. […] can’t really tell by the photo, but I’m also wearing the sweet headband the middle and I crafted. Definitely follow her advice on the assembly of the headband. All the cracking made me nervous. […]

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