Day 2: A Classic

Surprise! Day 2 immediately followed Day 1!


Today’s Santa shirt is one that I’ve had in my wardrobe for a few years.



My mom, two sisters and I made these back in 2008. And funny story, due to a mishap involving my older sister and red puffy paint, there’s still evidence of our Santa sweater craft-venture in our dining room. (I won’t let her forget this either because of my own previous mishaps involving red paint in my parents house. The red-paint torch I carried for a decade was passed to her because of this mishap, and I feel it’s my obligation to remind her that she now carries it.)


Keep in mind, however, I am not showing this mishap because I want to shame my sister (okay, so maybe that’s part of it), but I’m sharing it because as easy as these sweaters may seem, they aren’t. A lot can go wrong. There’s a lot of room for error on these holiday gems, and sometimes mistakes can’t be fixed.

But I digress, we decided to craft matching family Santa sweaters as a throwback to the Santa sweaters my mom and her best friend crafted for their children in the ’90s. While all us “kids” have outgrown our original Santa sweaters and my mom’s friend has since passed away, this sweater is a happy reminder of a time that once was. Although I would argue that my sweater crafting skills are getting better, this original sweater will always take the cake in my book, simply because of the memories involved.



2 thoughts on “Day 2: A Classic

  1. […] (in fact, the middle sent me one she found yesterday while looking for the photo that captured the disaster that was my holiday sweater a few years ago…). Thankfully most of those god-awful photos are stored away in photo boxes […]

  2. […] and creativity, I can’t. Some of the sweaters are based on personal connections (Days 2, 5, 8, 10), others were inspired by images I saw on Pinterest, which I pinned to my holiday sweater […]

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