12 Days of Holiday Sweaters

Normally, I’m not much of a holiday season person. In fact, my family believes I took after my Dad, who is an outright Grinch during the holiday season (sorry, Dad!). But, this year is a different story.

This year I am all about the holiday season.

This year I am oozing holiday cheer.

This year I am the reincarnate of holiday spirit.

Before I get too carried away with my excitement for the 2014 holiday season, I must digress because the main point of this post is not to highlight that my heart seemed to grow three sizes this year. Rather, the purpose of this post is for me to announce one of the many ways I am celebrating the holiday season.

This year I am bringing you, my small but mighty following, 12 Days of Holiday Sweaters.


What is this you ask? It’s my tribute to all the questionable apparel that comes out to play during the holiday season. From vests that are a bit too festive to turtlenecks that should never be given the light of day, I thoroughly enjoy tacky holiday apparel and want to showcase my own collection of holiday sweaters, many of which will be hand crafted by yours truly.

I will forewarn you, though — my 12 Days of Holiday Sweaters will not be continuous days. The 12 days will simply be 12 days that are most convenient for me between now and Christmas. (I know, I can be so selfish.) Actually, there’s three reasons for this lack of continuity. First, I am decorating a good majority of my sweaters by hand, thus I need time to craft these holiday gems. Second, I have a full time job and I can’t exactly wear holiday sweaters to work all the time, particularly since I anticipate some shirts being ill-fitted for the workplace. Third, a few of these shirts are tied to specific dates (for example, one is specific to Christmas Day).

Basically, what I’m trying to say is that 12 Days of Holiday Sweaters is my shindig, so I get to make the rules.

All this said, I am happy to share that Day 1 is said and done!


Day 1 was my snowman sweater.


And I wore it proudly.snowman-me

Unlike some of the sweaters to come, I can’t take full credit for this holiday sweater because I had a co-conspirator: my older sister and I made semi-matching sweaters over Thanksgiving. Hers is obviously the lighter blue sweater.


I know I’m biased, but I think our snowman sweaters turned out to be pretty awesome.

Keep an eye out for Day 2!


One thought on “12 Days of Holiday Sweaters

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