Personalizing my office

Every February, my older sister Liz and I try to get together to celebrate our birthdays. This year, she visited me in Lincoln. Conveniently, I had recently been given my own office at work, and I was in need of an office décor co-conspirator.

Having done several canvas projects herself, Liz proposed the idea of painting canvases. I immediately agreed to the idea (primarily because I would have her help) and we consulted Pinterest. After some searching and deliberating, I settled on canvas designs and a color scheme that I was willing to subject myself to for 40 hours a week.

The first concept was a flying paper airplane. (Although this is not the exact pin I got the idea from, the concept is very similar.) Let me tell you, this concept was easier said than done. However, both Liz and I deemed it a success.

airplane collage

First, I used my nifty design skills to create a paper airplane “stencil” in Adobe Illustrator. After printing the paper airplane stencil, I lightly traced the paper airplane on one canvas, while Liz outlined the path. Then, using a Pinterest tip that Liz had success with in a previous canvas project, Liz and I used masking tape to cover the paper airplane and its path. As I said before, this was easier said than done… Once we were satisfied with our taping, Liz painted the path canvas and I painted the airplane canvas.

finished dots

The second concept was dots. This concept was pretty easy once we developed a method to our madness.

The hardest parts of this concept was finding the right sized circular object to trace and making sure we spaced the circles out evenly. (If you care, we ended up using the inside of the masking tape roll.) Then we decided on a color pattern, and got to painting.

A few hours after starting, Liz and I celebrated our crafting victory by sitting on my voluptuous couch, eating birthday cupcakes and admiring our masterpieces.

three in a row

Today, all the canvases hang in my office, and when I find myself staring at my walls (like on Monday mornings or Friday afternoons), I can’t help but smile. Not only do I get the satisfaction of knowing I created my office artwork, I also get a pleasant reminder of quality sister time – a pleasantry that is sometimes much needed at work.



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