Day 31: Gave Up

Miles, IOU’d: 2.4
Miles to date: 77.6

This might be a personal low for me — I gave up on Janathon, on the last day.

Why did I give up? Two reasons: first, it was, once again, freezing cold out; and second, I woke up with a headache that very well might have been a migraine. Remembering the lesson I learned the hard way, I knew better than to run with a headache, And, since I believed my headache stemmed from my back over compensating for elderly-like hips, I decided running on sore hips would only make my headache worse. So, I skipped the morning run and decided if  my headache subsided by lunch, I would attempt to at least walk my 2.4 miles.

So off to work I went, where I proceeded to spend all day with my office lights off because the light only made my headache worse. I tried stretching, but when I tipped my head forward to stretch my neck out, it fell like a spider web of daggers in my back. After feeling this crippling pain, I decided I had to do something about this and I started looking up chiropractors.

I’ve never been to a chiropractor before, and being my father’s daughter, I’m a bit skeptical of them. However, when I can’t wear pants without sharp pains in my hip and if I can’t look down without feeling like I’m laying on a bed of nails, I figured it was a least worth a try.

Choosing a place that takes walk-ins, I made my way to the chiropractor after work. On my way there, I told myself to give chiropractics a chance — I’d wait until after the adjustment to confirm or deny my skepticism.

The chiropractor was a nice guy, and he walked me through the process before he did anything. After identifying more than a handful of “needed adjustments” and an out of line pelvis, the adjustment began…

I can honestly say I never want to hear that much cracking and popping come out of my back ever again, and I seriously almost soiled myself when he adjusted my neck. Perhaps it was the proximity of the cracking and popping to my ear, but after hearing the adjustment of my neck, I thought to myself, “am I alive?” because it sounded exactly like an assassin’s neck snap.

While I am not sold on the cracking of my neck and back, I actually enjoyed the adjustment of my pelvis. Immediately after he adjusted it, I felt some relief. How long that will last (and whether it was healthy or not) has yet to be determined. However, being pleased with the relief (temporary as it might be) I did decide to do one visit a week for a month (and for a very reasonable price). I can’t say I’m completely on board the chiropractic train, but I’m willing to give it an honest try.

Even though the chiropractor “cleared” me for exercise, and even encouraged it, I still opted to not run today. I’ll still be active today and in the near future, but until it warms up, I am cutting back on the running. My hips really cannot take it in such cold weather.

So, while I’m disappointed in my last minute decision to give up, I am also really proud of myself for not only listening to my body, but also preventing further injury/damage. Those of you that know me, already know this, but for me to cave in and finally visit a chiropractor says a lot about the level of pain I was in, not to mention the fact that I set aside a personal goal. That’s not me, at all. But, I knew it was in my best interest.

Plus, even though I didn’t complete Janathon and I lost the my friendly wager with Caryn, I have a lot to be proud of…

  1. ran 29 out of the 31 days of January. Personally, I find this impressive because I was relatively sedentary in December.
  2. Every run was OUTSIDE. I doubt many other Janathon participants can say that everyone of their workouts was outside. I can. All but two days, I braved January weather.
  3. All together, I covered 77.6 miles on foot. This is probably farther than some people will go all year — and I’m happy to report that most of these miles were running, not walking.

Congratulations to Caryn for winning the wager. It was a close race in the end, but my hips forced me to gracefully bow out. I look forward to celebrating with you over sushi happy hour (at my expense, of course).

Also, great work to all the Janathon participants, regardless of whether or not you finished the challenge.

I’m glad I did Janathon, but I’ll be taking it easy for the next few days; and, I am pretty sure, I won’t be attempting it next year.

Nine Inch Nails – Gave Up


2 thoughts on “Day 31: Gave Up

  1. Kathy Gebhart says:

    I have enjoyed your blog this past month. I am very proud of you! I am also worried about your hips and would like to encourage you to see a sports doctor and perhaps check out the migraines. Miss you! Love, Mamma G.

  2. dakotalizzie says:

    I’m still proud of you, lovey! Hell, I’ll treat you to a sushi dinner for NOT completing Janathon.

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