Day 29: Take a walk

Miles: 5
Miles to date: 74.85

After an 8-mile day yesterday, I decided to be nice to my body and take a walk. Mostly for the sake of time, but also to work out any built up lactic acid, I ran about 2 of the 5 miles.

Interestingly enough, I also came across a sight I’d never seen before: a visually-impaired man, equipped with a white walking stick, was out running. This was particularly inspiring to me for two reasons. First, I was running near an elementary school that, just recently, dedicated a walking/running track to a little guy named Thatcher. Second, here was a man who can barely see, still pursuing ordinary things that many of us take for granted. More often than not, I gripe and moan about having to run and exercise, but I often forget, at least I can. Just yesterday I mentioned that the fog was nice because I couldn’t see how far I needed to go/how slow I was running — and here is this guy, who probably runs in some sort of fog everyday. I bet he would love to be able to see where he is running, even if just for one day. This man, whoever he is, slapped me across the face, metaphorically, that is. He reminded me that I need to appreciate what I, too often, take for granted.

With a new-found appreciation for running, I was enjoying my walk/run. However, this was not the case for Pandora, which was having a rough morning finding the “right” songs for the station I was listening to. Like the other day, I was listening to a station seeded with “Work Out” by J Cole and “Criminal” by Britney Spears. (Please, don’t judge my taste in music on this station. I created this station to embrace genres different than the ones I tend to gravitate toward.) Despite these seeds and my liking of tracks by Fabulous, Baby Bash, Wiz Khalifa and Gym Class Heroes — all of which are more rappy and slow jammy — Pandora kept trying to play Adele. I love Adele, but after listening to “Cookie Jar” by Gym Class Heroes or “Black and Yellow” by Wiz Khalifa, an Adele song is like Switchfoot doing the encore at an Eminem concert. It just doesn’t fit. And, looking back at my “thumbed down” tracks on this station, I gave Adele a thumbs down, three times this morning. Why oh why did Pandora think Adele fit in this genre? I’m not sure, but I think I’m going to have to edit this station and better “seed it,” if you will.

Passion Pit – Take A Walk


2 thoughts on “Day 29: Take a walk

  1. Loved your post! Passion pit is awesome :))

  2. Great post. I often use guilt in the winter when I don’t want to crawl out of a warm bed. I tell myself to get out there for those that want to and can’t for some reason.

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