Day 26: Work out

Miles: 5
Miles to date: 61.6

Today I actually listened to music during my run — well part of my run because my phone died halfway through —  and I really enjoyed it. Normally, I run with nothing but my house key (which you may remember from my locked-out fiasco), but today I made an exception because I was semi-expecting a call from my older sister.

As I awaited a phone call, and until my battery died, I listened to Pandora. The station I ran to (seeded by the song below) gave me an interesting line up of songs, perhaps most notable was T-Pain’s “I’m In Love With A Stripper.” I’ve never been a huge fan of this song, but I actually enjoyed it because I haven’t heard it for so long. And, for some reason, it reminds me of my AP Lit & Comp class in high school. I know how strange that sounds, but I’m thinking it was someone’s ringtone that went off in class one day. Regardless, the song got me thinking of high school, which made for some interesting running thoughts.

Also, on my way I crossed paths with another runner who was also listening to music on her phone. How am I sure of this? She wasn’t using headphones and had the music playing out of her phone’s speakers. Then I thought to myself — why don’t I don’t I do that?! Part of the reason I don’t run with music is because I HATE wearing headphones when I run. The earbud movements annoys me, the cord drives me nuts and I’m too lazy to carry anything (and too cheap to buy an arm band). However, I wondered if this is proper etiquette. For awhile, I thought this was a little rude, but in the end, this runner only “disturbed” me for a minute at the most as we cross paths, so I don’t think it’s really an issue.

Bottom line, I think I’m going to run with music for the next few days. Perhaps, I might even leave the headphones at home…

J Cole – Work Out


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