Day 24: So cold

Miles: 0
Miles to date: 53.6

Today I decided it was too cold to run. When I woke up, it was only 5 degrees out — and it felt colder than that. Due to the cold and my busy morning, I reasoned that it’d be best to run after work, if it warmed up. Then after work came and it was so cold I opted to ran to my car, only to find my gas light on. So, as I filled up my tank (only half because it was so cold), I jumped in place to keep my blood moving.

When I got home, I decided, it was not in my best interest. My lungs wouldn’t be able to take it. My joints would be incredibly achy. And I would be incredibly grumpy. Therefore, I decided a big pot of chili and a night inside a warm house would be best.

Aside from the running to and from my car today, I didn’t run today. However, I did jump while pumping gas and I will be doing some core workouts as I watch The West Wing on Netflix tonight (thus, fulfilling the requirements of Janathon). I’m disappointed I’m forgoing my run everyday goal but it is seriously far too cold out to go running outdoors.

Breaking Benjamin – So Cold


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