Day 23: 21 Questions

Miles: 3.1
Miles to date: 53.6

I ask a lot of questions when I run, and I really didn’t notice this until today.

Here’s a small glimpse of what goes on in my head when I run.

1. How far should I run today?
2. How far do I think I can run?
3. How far do I want to run?
4. How many times have I run this path?
5. Why is it I don’t like running?
6. How fast am I running?
7. How many minutes have I been going?
8. Why is it sooo cold out?
9. Am I halfway done, yet?
10. Why don’t we go just a little bit farther?
11. If I suddenly had to go to the bathroom, where would I go?
12. Did my slow jog just become even slower?
13. Why didn’t I turn around sooner?
14. Is it socially acceptable to sit alongside the path and cry until someone volunteers to drive me home?
15. Am I “tired” because I’m working hard, or am I tired because I’m lazy?
16. Am I almost done?
17. Is there a shortcut that I could take? If so, does it require me to jump over a fence?
18. How many more minutes of this misery do I have left?
19. Seriously, am I there yet?
20. Why, exactly, did I think running was a good idea?
21. Oh, I’m done? Now that wasn’t too bad, was it?

Okay, so my questions aren’t that interesting — and sometimes they aren’t very motivating — but I only said I ask a lot of question when I run, I didn’t say of what variety…

After realizing the inquisitive nature of my thoughts, I asked myself why I pose so many questions (ha, see the irony in that?!). I didn’t necessarily find the answer, but I’m thinking it’s to simulate some sort of inner dialogue. Negative as my inner dialogue may be, the dialogue prevents my brain from taking control of my legs and slowing my roll to a slow stroll.

50 Cent – 21 Questions

Did you catch the line, “I love you like a fat kid loves cake?” It’s my favorite. 🙂


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