Day 15: Locked out, with key in hand. What a morning…

Miles, planned: 1.75
Miles, unplanned: 1.75
Miles to date: 37.15

Yesterday I wrote about changing my perspective. Well, the universe must have read my blog and decided to test me because let me tell you about my morning…

I woke up this morning feeling pretty sore, and while it took me awhile to get out of bed, I hit the trail without complaint. With achy hips, I decided a shorter run was in my best interest, and I began my 1.75 mile route. During my run, I was thinking about how much of a minimalistic runner I am. When I run, I bring nothing with me except a house key. I don’t listen to music. I don’t bring my phone. I don’t even carry any form of personal identification. I only bring myself and my key because I hate carrying anything more than that — even the key is a nuisance to me.

Anyway, I finish my run and head back towards my house, noticing my roommate had left for work while I was running — nothing out of the ordinary. I get to my house (around 9 am), put my key in the lock, turn the key, turn the knob, and push into the door, only to find the door won’t open. Seriously? What’s going on?

I try again.

Door still won’t open.

I try a bunch more times, holding the knob at different angles, turning the key at different speeds, and every other small variation I can’t think of. (I even tried our hidden spare key!) No matter what I try, the door won’t open.

The light bulb comes on over my head as I remember the back door uses the same key. So I head to the backyard. I put the key in the knob and successfully unlock the knob. (Score!) I put the key in the deadbolt, and turn — or not turn, the deadbolt won’t move. Seriously? Is this really happening?

So, after another 15 minutes of trying both the front door and the deadbolt on the back door, I find myself still locked out of the house. And, oh so conveniently, because I insist on being a minimalistic runner, my phone is inside (sense my sarcasm?), and I don’t know anyone’s number (anyone that can help me, that is). However, all my phone contacts are backed up online — so all I need is the internet and a phone. Now, where am I going to get that?

I visit 5 nearby houses, hoping a neighbor might take pity on me. No one is home. Awesome. This morning just can’t get any better.

Now what? Ah, right, my landlords live in the same neighborhood — maybe they are home. Already in my running get up, I set off towards their house and hope to everything thats good in the world that they are home. After running more hills than I would have preferred, I arrive at their house. I ring the door bell. Nothing. I ring it again. Still nothing. … Great, I just ran another three-quarters of a mile for nothing. Now what?

Ah, right, a friend of mine runs an in-home daycare, also in my neighborhood. Given her line of work, she’s bound to be home. So, towards her house I head. Luckily (and thankfully!), she’s home and is more than willing to let me use her internet and phone. I look up my contacts online, find my landlord’s number, and call. No answer. Again, seriously?? A few minutes later, I call again. She answers!

Unfortunately, she is at the hair salon and mid-treatment, so she is limited in how she can help. But, while in the salon chair, she manages to get a hold of a locksmith, who will meet me at my house. After thanking my friend and calling work to tell them I will be late, I set off towards my house.

The locksmith shows up, and quickly deems the front door lock broken. We try the back door. After manhandling the door and using the right force at the right angle, he gets the deadbolt lock to budge. Upon review, he discovers the deadbolt is loose and the door sits crooked in the frame — both of these contributed to the stickiness of the lock.

So finally, at 10:15 (a hour and fifteen minutes after arriving home, initially), I finally get into my house. The locksmith proceeds to confirm the latch in the front door lock is broken. He fixes it, explains to me what caused it, and goes on his way.

Overall, it was far from an ideal morning. However, I actually surprised myself in how calm I kept myself. I may have kicked the door (you know, to jingle the lock some…), but on the whole, I stayed calm.

I even managed to find the positives in my not-so-pleasant morning. First, and perhaps most importantly, it wasn’t freezing out. It was cold, but nothing compared to how cold it was this weekend, and I was dressed warmly. Second, the situation, although not ideal, doubled my mileage for the day. Third, I have a job (and supervisors) flexible enough to allow me to show up late. Fourth, my phone contacts were accessible online; all I needed was to be able to access them.

So, bottom line, the world threw me one hell of a curve ball, but I’m pretty sure I knocked it out of the park — or a least got a ground rule double out of it.

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3 thoughts on “Day 15: Locked out, with key in hand. What a morning…

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