Day 9: Bad Day

Miles: 1.75
Miles to date: 20.9

Today was my first really awful run of Janathon. Actually, I really wouldn’t classify this mornings outing as run, or even a jog for that matter. It was more of an inconsistently paced shuffle.

I’m not sure why my run was so terrible. I wasn’t sore. I wasn’t winded. It wasn’t too cold out. It just seemed like my brain and body were on different pages, of different books.

Other than a terrible run, my day has actually be pretty good — so don’t let my title and song dupe you into throwing me a pity party. After all, a bad run really isn’t the worst thing ever because not every run is a good run, nor should it be. The bad runs made the good ones all the more sweeter. (Okay, excuse my 7-year-old self, doesn’t it sound like I’m talking about diarrhea. Just a little?)

Even though I was a disappointed in the quality of my run this morning (mostly because I wanted to go farther to pad my mileage lead over Caryn), I was quick to get over it because after being relatively sedentary in December, it took me nine straight days of running to have one bad run. Given this, I’d have to say I’m winning my personal battle with Janathon.


Daniel Powter – Bad Day


One thought on “Day 9: Bad Day

  1. I’d say you’re winning as well!

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