Day 7: Back to life, back to reality

Miles: 2.75
Miles to date: 18.15

Christmas vacation, oh excuse me, winter break, as I once knew it, is forever gone for me. With plans to graduate with my master’s degree in May, I will never again have a semester break where I can set aside my major responsibilities and be a bum. Sure, sure, I said this two years ago when I was graduating with my bachelor’s degree, but I am 110% sure I will not be pursuing any more higher education – those of you that know me are very much aware that I am over school.

Anyway, the point I was originally making about winter break being a thing of the past for me is that today was the first day of the semester, thus my first day back at work, and also the first day of one of the volleyball teams I am coaching. I knew waking up was going to be hard for the mere fact that I needed to get my run in before my busy day even began, but I forgot to factor in a major element … I ran nearly 2 miles and walked another 4.5 miles yesterday. Despite a good bout of stretching yesterday, I was incredibly achy this morning.

I really needed a big wedge of cheese this morning for all the whining I was doing getting from my bed to the trail. Seriously, the process was not pretty. However, I did it. In fact, I even did more than I originally bargained for with myself. Once I got running, it wasn’t that bad (isn’t that what we all say?), and it was going so well that when I hit that just-do-a-mile mark, I kept on running because I was actually enjoying the run.

All things done and over with today, I’m wondering if I pushed a little too hard today because I’m exhausted and sore, and I have to get up and do it all again tomorrow. Not to mention, I’m pretty sure I’ll wake up with a Charlie horse tonight. But, for now (and until that Charlie horse happens), I’m going to tell myself job well done for making it through the first of many busy days.

Soul II Soul – Back to Life


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