Day 6: A friendly little wager

Miles run: 1.75
Miles walked: 4.4
Miles to date: 15.4

As I mentioned yesterday, a fellow Janathon participant, who also happens to be a close friend of mine, and I finally settled on our friendly little wager.

The conditions are relatively simple. To “win,” one must:

  1. complete Janathon, per the rules, and
  2. log the most miles, on foot (that is, running, jogging or walking).

Under these conditions, other physical activity, such as like biking or stair climbing, fulfills the conditions of Janathon, but any non-running/walking miles will not count towards the final mile count.

On February 1, after all miles are logged, a “winner” and “loser” will be named. Caryn, er, um, The loser will treat the winner to sushi happy hour. While this might seem like a small prize, it really isn’t. Even with happy hour prices on sushi and drinks, it’s common for us to run up a pretty high tab – particularly since it’s happy hour ALL DAY on Sundays, when we typically go. Spending the afternoon with a few others drinking, chatting, eating, laughing and drinking.

While it’s still quite a ways away, I’m going to go ahead and start working up my happy hour appetite. After all, I can overindulge since Caryn will be picking up the tab…

Caryn, this song is for you. 😀

3 Doors Down – Loser


5 thoughts on “Day 6: A friendly little wager

  1. Caryn says:

    Ohhhh…the trash talking is starting early! I had sushi this afternoon…I planned out what I’m going to make you buy me.

  2. […] part of Janathon. And it would seem that that has made Andrea just a little bit cocky. Her most recent post describes our wager and includes not even a little bit of trash talking. She seems to think that […]

  3. #Janathon sushi scandal of ’13. Good luck to you both! Trash talking is always good 🙂

  4. […] anti-Janathon, I laid the facts out for myself. I signed up for this challenge, and if I’m too proud to let Caryn beat me, then I better get my poop in a group and commit. I’ve got 20 more days of running/walking, […]

  5. […] even though I didn’t complete Janathon and I lost the my friendly wager with Caryn, I have a lot to be proud […]

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