Day 5: Break on through to the next level of running

Miles: 2.75
Miles to date: 9.25

It appears my music-related post was well received yesterday, so I am planning on making a habit it out of it – although no promises it will be an everyday thing. I’m sorry, but I can’t poop gold every time, you know?

Anyway, today’s run was awesome. It started off a little chilly, but it warmed up quickly with a slightly faster pace, and, might I mention, an extra mile. Uh oh, Caryn, your mileage lead is dwindling…

P.S. Caryn and I decided on our wager, more on that tomorrow…or maybe she’ll mention it later today.

Like I was saying, today’s run was awesome. I was running at a pace fast enough to feel my core working (I love that!), and I didn’t realize I passed my “just run to that tree” mark until I was a good quarter of a mile passed it (and I’ll tell you what, this rarely happens!). But as I was running, the age old running question came to mind: should I work on running faster or should I focus on running farther?

It seems like I can never decide whether speed or distance is better. My inner athlete says, run faster. But the slow and steady part of me would rather see more mileage than more miles per hour. Then, my dietetic-educated voice jumps in and says, do both, dummy.

I’ve tried focusing on speed before, but I became so obsessed with how fast my mile was that I completely gave up on distance. I’ve also tried focusing on distance, but at my jogging pace, my workouts got to be too long. And, I’ve attempted to work on both, simultaneously, and I found some success in that, but I found my running workouts became too planned and structured that the small enjoyment I got out of running disappeared.

Bottom line is, I would like to become a better runner but I’m not sure if I do that through speed or distance. Having hated running since about third grade, I’ve come a long way in my overall willingness to run, but I want to make sure that I’m running because I enjoy it and not because I “should.”

Does anyone have advice on how I can break on through to the next level of running? How did you do it? I welcome and appreciate any and all thoughts. 🙂

The Doors – Break on through


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