Day 4: It’s getting better

Miles: 1.75
Miles to date: 6.5

Today was a good run. I wasn’t sore (I must have finally nailed the stretching thing). It was relatively nice out (almost above freezing). The trail was more trail than ice (so more running than ice skating). And, my endurance was noticeably better than yesterday.

Since I have a friendly wager with Caryn — which I am currently losing — I considered running a bit farther, but I  resisted because the last thing I want to do is overdo it in the first week of Janathon. I started Janathon cold turkey. Aside from helping my parents move furniture around while I was home for Christmas, my physical activity has been nonexistent for the past couple months (shame, shame, I know). Combining my physically inactivity and my stellar track record for injury and doing too much too soon, I decided it was in my best interest to listen to my better judgement and stopped at 1.75 miles. Bottom line is, I can only add mileage and increase my endurance if I’m physically able, so, for now, injury prevention takes precedence over mileage.

I’m sure I still have that metaphorical wall to hit, but right now, Janathon is getting better everyday.


3 thoughts on “Day 4: It’s getting better

  1. 2coldfingers says:

    Good to see someone else with musical references in their blogs. If your title is where I think it’s from then I’m planning to use the first line of the track for by blog on the last day of Janathon.

  2. Caryn says:

    Thanks for not running farther so I can still be winning.

  3. Sensible stuff – gentle start! I think I’ll follow your lead and squeeze in some musical references into blog….

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