Day 3: So I’m not a morning person…

Miles: 1.75
Miles to date: 4.75

Oh man, getting up to run this morning was rough, and it almost didn’t happen.

Before I tell my story, I might inform you that as a graduate student that works for the University of Nebraska, I am technically still on winter break; therefore, I am not technically bound to work until Monday when classes begin. However I had planned on going into work today, just to slowly introduce some sort of schedule back into my life, so…

7:30 am – Alarm #1 goes off (this is the first, “if you’re feeling eager” alarm), I hit snooze.
7:37 am – Alarm #1 goes off again, I hit snooze.
7:45 am – Alarm #1 goes off again. I am so tired and confused that I can’t get my the alarm to stop, so I simply turn off my phone, and turn it on again before I roll over and fall asleep again.
8:30 am – Alarm #2 goes off (this is my second, “okay, now you should really get up” alarm), I proceed to hit snooze.
8:37 am – Alarm #2 goes off again. I’m annoyed with alarms, and I dismiss the alarm.
9:30 am – I wake up, on my own accord, and go to the bathroom. As I’m walking back to my bedroom I think three things. First, I should really just get up. Second, gee, golly, whiz, my hips hurt, really bad. Third, it’s probably really cold outside yet. Then I crawl back into bed and tell myself I’ll run at 10:30.
10:15 am – After dozing for awhile, I wake up again. Thinking this is getting pathetic, I start a game of solitaire on my phone.
10:45 am – I wake up, drooling, and holding my phone that is displaying a half-played game of solitaire.
11:00 am – I arrive at the bike trail and begin running (don’t be too impressed here, I live less than a block from the trail…).

So there you have it, my embarrassing inability to wake up this morning. I’m not quite sure why I was sooo stinkin’ tired this morning, but I’m going to chalk it up to (1) my bedtime, or recent lack thereof and (2) my recent traveling.

Bedtime: Normally, I go to bed around 10:30 or 11:00 pm, but I don’t remember going to bed before midnight since before the end of the world was supposed to happen (December 21, for those of you that live under a rock). And, to make matters worse for me, even though I was staying up later, I was still getting up early — so I’m a little sleep deprived. And now that I’ve added physical activity back into my schedule, that lack of sleep really took its toll.

My recent traveling: Between Sunday and Wednesday, I traveled more than 1,000 miles by car. Luckily, I was passenger for most of it, but that’s still a lot of car time. However, in addition to the amount of traveling, the aspect of traveling that really got me was that for new years, I was in a different time zone. My “normal” midnight (CST) was only 11 pm (MST) where I was celebrating, so when I finally rang in the new year, it was actually 1 am, according to my body. Traveling already does weird things to me, but semi-adjusting to an hour difference really screwed with me. Plus, some of the traveling was a tad bit stressful because we were driving through a winter weather.


On the top you will see what we drove through to get to our new year celebration destination (not being able to see the road, let alone the center or shoulder lines, it was our goal to just stay on the road) and on the bottom you will see what it should have looked like. Like I said, the trip was just a little stressful, but despite the trip taking more out of me than I excepted, the trip was well worth it.

Clearly I was more than happy to be in my own bed and this morning’s tiredness was a little bit embarrassing, but at least today was still “holiday” for me, so my late arrival at work wasn’t a big deal.


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