One day down, thirty to go…

Miles: 1.5 miles
Miles to date: 1.5 miles

Well, I did it. Day one is officially in the books. Being that I haven’t run for over a month, it was new year’s day morning (thus I was a tad bit dehydrated), and I am out of town visiting friends, I would deem the run a success. It could have gone better, but given the circumstances, it could have been much worse.

Not trying to complicate Janathon, I’ve set a few personal Janathon goals for myself.

  1. Jog, log and blog everyday. As I am sure it is the goal of all my fellow Janathon participants, my main goal is to complete Janathon. By the books, I just need to exercise, log the exercise, and blog everyday of January. Seemingly simple, but having done it before, I know it is easier said than done.
  2. Run* everyday. Despite my young age of 23, I have hips of an 80-year-old woman. Seriously, hip replacement surgery will probably be a viable option for me at the age of 40…so let me know if you have any surgeon recommendations. Given the condition of my hips, running everyday might very well cripple me. However, I have an incredibly high pain tolerance so I will bear the hip pain for as long as I can before switching to a lower-impact exercise.
  3. Log 80 miles, on foot. During January 2011, I ran 70.1 miles. This year, I want to log 80 miles, either running (or walking, if my hips prove to be problematic).
  4. Blog more than just Janathon progress. My regular followers are very much aware that I do not blog regularly. The inconsistency of my blogging isn’t so much that I don’t enjoy it, but as a full-time graduate student, homework takes precedence over a blog post. So, while I’m committed to my blog through Janathon, I hope to blog some additional content. I’m sure most of it will be related to Janathon, but a few non-Janathon posts would be ideal.
  5. Beat Caryn. Although the actual wager has yet to be determined, my friend Caryn and I have a little friendly competition going, and I would love to named winner.

My goals aren’t anything to extreme, but come January 15 or 20 when I just want to be done with Janathon, I think my goals will help me keep going.

So, here’s to the beginning of Janathon. One day and 1.5 miles down, just thirty days and 78.5 miles to go…

* Let’s be honest, when I say run, I really mean jog. I am not a runner. Despite my relatively athletic upbringing, I was never a runner and I never will be. I prefer the slow and steady pace. Plus I have to save my running legs for the moments that count, like when something scares the daylights out of me (like possums crossing my path on late night jogs) and when I have the runs and need to get to a restroom (nice visual, right?).


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