I’m drowning in music

I have more than 8,200 songs in my iTunes. According to iTunes, it would take me 22.4 days to listen to my library, and worse, the music files take up 47.51 GB of space on my laptop.

While I am impressed with the size and diversity of my collection (a special thanks to the boy for sharing some of his music with me), I am in need of a harsh library cleaning. I know there are a hundred or so songs that I have just to have and a few hundred other songs that I probably don’t even like, so I have decided that a thorough cleaning is in order.

Over the next year, I plan to listen to every song at least once then ask myself whether or not I like the song. If the answer is yes, the song is safe; but, if the answer is no, the song will not only be removed from the library, the music file will be deleted from my laptop. If by the end of the year, a song still has a play count of zero, that song will also be removed and deleted. This might be a tough and somewhat rough process, but I tell you what, when I saw I had 1 GB of space left on my laptop, I realized it was necessary and I started removing songs I knew wouldn’t make the cut, like the Evita soundtrack (please, save me my dignity and don’t ask why I had that).  After a brief music purge that brought my song count to 8,219, I’m sitting at about 12 GB of available storage on my laptop, which makes me feel a little better about life.

Part of me would like to see my music library grow rather than shrink, but given the amount of space this music takes up, I’m choosing hard drive memory over music. As a layout and design person, I have many large Adobe Creative Suite files that are a bit more important than music files of songs I’m not entirely enthused about. Plus, when I listen to my library I tend to gravitate towards the same songs anyway, so I’d rather get some memory back and leave the real diversity to Pandora and Spotify. Not to mention, I can always borrow the boy’s iPod (says me, that is, because he hasn’t quite agreed to this…).

I know I could circumvent this process by purchasing a massive external storages device, but I’m cheap; and with all the music streaming apps, I find this rather unnecessary. Given my plan to purchase a new computer before I graduate in May (to get that minimal student discount), I also know I could ration my space until then and devote my laptop to music and games, but why do I, just one person, need a 8,200+ song music library? I really don’t, so I’m taking the advice of my dear older sister and simplifying my belongings.

Perhaps this process will lead to a sharing of my favorite songs or albums, but don’t get your hopes up. I would hate for you to be disappointed if I don’t follow through.


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