Either a really good idea or a really bad one…

I’m not sure if I’m determined or if I’m crazy, but I did it … I signed up for Janathon 2013.

For those of you that don’t know what Janathon it is, it is a month of daily jogging, logging and blogging. My loyal followers (all three of you) might remember that I successfully completed Janathon once before in 2011, but my followers might also remember I unsuccessfully attempted Juneathon later that same year. So, Janathon 2013 can be a success or it can be a bust – which might be more likely considering my lack of recent physical activity. Personally, I’m hoping it’s a success.

While Janathon and the increased physical activity it produces falls in line with the flurry of new year resolutions to lose weight and get fit, that is not my intent (although I’m not opposed to such outcomes…). The motivation to participate in Janathon actually came from two places. First, I have a personal desire to get back into running because my crazy, hectic fall semester forced me to focus my efforts and time elsewhere. I think the last time I ran was mid-October, and this really upsets me because I had been consistently running every other day since July. Second, my friend Caryn also signed up and I thought we could provide each other some good, quality morale support (i.e. text messages that may or may not include “why the heck did we sign up for this again?”). I also figured we could make a friendly little wager out of it, to which she agreed. The wager has yet to be determined, but we will definitely let you know when we settle on something.

Like I said, I’m not sure if I’m determined or crazy, but we’re about to find out.


2 thoughts on “Either a really good idea or a really bad one…

  1. This is an awesome idea, good luck!

  2. Glad you’re on board!!!

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