A Halloween treat

It’s a couple months overdue, but I suppose late is better than never…

Look what the little kiddies who came trick or treating at my house got this year.


mini-Hershey bars with note that says
“in case of dementor attack, eat immediately!”

Seeing it on Pinterest (where most of my craft and DIY inspiration comes from), I decided to add a little love to mass-produced candy and surprise the little kiddies with some Harry Potter themed treats.

Despite some minor confusion among the kids not familiar with Harry Potter (These kids exist?!), I had two personal motives behind these treats. First, to provide great pleasure to fellow Harry Potter readers. Second, to encourage kids who have not yet read the Harry Potter books to read the series (now here I made a big assumption that these sugar-hyped kids would be intrigued enough to google dementors, discover the greatness of Harry Potter, and then not just watch the movies, but read the books).

Whether or not I actually inspired my neighborhood kids to read Harry Potter, I do not know.

I do know, however, the Harry Potter themed candy made a good handful of my friends pretty happy.

Although it’s not gold, if you are interested in using my template, you can download it here.


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