My long Labor Day weekend

As most everyone knows, last weekend was Labor Day. Most of us don’t really know the significance behind it, but we do know the day is work and school free. This year, my parents decided to extend their three-day weekend to a four-day visit to Missouri to see my older sister, and they made plans to board our two family dogs. While the dogs would have been perfectly fine at a doggie hotel, I thought, “gee, I’m only three and a half hours (three if my foot is heavy…) away from home, why can’t I dog sit?” So, I weighed my options: one, I could stay in Lincoln with two housemates (no offense to them!) and attempt to do homework amid numerous distractions like the boyfriend and my next do-it-yourself project, or two, I could go home, have my parents house to myself, enjoy the company of two adorable dogs and plow through my piles and piles of homework. Needless to say, I opted to dog sit.

Rather than rehash my weekend, play by play (which I’m sure most people don’t care about), here’s a highlight reel.

Volleyball game ::  A few former volleyball teammates and I went to the volleyball season opener of our alma mater. While it was great to see old friends, parents of other former teammates and coaches, the night really made me realize how old I am, and really, how fast things change. Granted five years have passed, but not only did I not recognize the last names of any of the girls on the team, I also didn’t know two of the coaches on the bench. And then, I was glad to hear the student section carrying on a school tradition of yelling out their respective graduating years (’07 all the way!), but I about fell off the bleachers when I heard ’15 and ’16 chants.

Doggie boot camp ::  One of the other perks of going go to dog sit was company during my runs. While Kona (the black lab and “my” dog) loved every minute of it and would willingly keep going, Summer (the golden retriever) was not a fan. There were some points where Kona was leading 15 feet (on an extendable leash) and Summer was lagging 15 feet (also on an extendable leash) and I was in the middle with one arm fully extended in front of me and the other fully extended behind me. I figured we were probably a sight for sore eyes, and for Summer’s sake, we slowed to a walk. By the end of the week and after I discovered a small sore on Summer’s paw, I only took Kona on the long runs, and Summer got her own walk in the field behind the house where she could go at her own pace with no leash (and I’m pretty sure I still walked farther than she did!). But, just to show you how polar opposite the dogs are in terms of fitness levels, here’s what they look like afterwords.

No, your eyes do not deceive you. Their fur is wet because this run also included a dip in a nearby creek.

And, Summer too tired to enjoy a bone, on three separate occasions…

Friday, a day of indulges  ::  They say picture 1,000 words, so enough said.

The Pickle Barrel, Fountain Pop Friday and Beverly HIlls, 90210

I may have watched 10 hours of Beverly Hills, 90210 that day. Am I embarrassed?  No, I’m proud. Plus, I got to cuddle with Kona.

Productivity :: In addition to doggie boot camp and spending time with the Beverly Hills gang, I was actually really productive. I made a ton of progress on laying out the 80-page Rural Futures Conference proceedings (which went to the printer on Wednesday, yippee!) and I managed to not only get on top of homework, but also get ahead — and given this semester, it was a much needed jump! I can’t say I maximized the productive use of my time, but I was productive and I felt a lot less overwhelmed with my workload as I drove away from Sioux Falls on Tuesday.

Overall, it was a fabulous, long Labor Day weekend. Towards the end of the weekend I started missing Lincoln life, especially my friends, boyfriend and housemates, but on the bright side, I got to spend a week with my best friend.


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