Just Call Me Martha Stewart

I may have been absent for some time (try 4 months…) but I’ve been busy. Since my last post I finished my first year of graduate school, helped coordinate a national conference, spent a week back home with the family and visitied Worlds of Fun on my way to a Royals game. It’s been a busy few months, but now that things are slowing down, I finally have time to cook, craft and work on other projects.

This past weekend I was basically Martha Stewart. Just look at everything I accomplished.

1. I made a batch of zuppa toscona that, according to my roommates and me, is better than what you can get at Olive Garden.

2. For the past two years or so, my bed had a god awful squeak to it. I think the squeak is a consequence of me jumping on my bed when I first bought it four years ago, but none the less, I coudn’t even sit on the edge of my bed without waking the dead. So, knowing that I had a compromised box spring and not a crappy mattress, I decided to fix it.

With my roommate’s help, we uncovered the box spring. We expected to find a thin piece of plywood laying atop the box spring frame, but we actually found a piece of warped cardboard (which was acutlally the main culprit of the squeak). After taking some measurements and loading the cardboard into my car, we went to buy wood at Lowe’s. About two hours later, using screwdrivers, an electric drill, a hand saw and staple guns, my bed no longer squeaked. I am also positive that I have the most heavy-duty, not to mention heaviest, box spring around. But hey, I’ll trade a squeaky bed for a heavy box spring any day!

3. As I’m one of the few people of my generation that knows how to use a sewing machine, I tend to have a pile of things that my friends, my sisters or I need fixed/mended/patched. So, I spent a good part of Sunday fixing 2 pairs of jeans, 2 pairs of dress pants, 1 pair of athletic shorts and a skirt. I must say, I even impressed myself with my sewing skills this weekend.

4. The main reason I drug my (more accurately, my mom’s) sewing machine out this weekend was to finally make craft/construct a headboard for my bed. And, if I do say so myself, my headboard turned out pretty ding-dang-dong spectacular.

Adding the headboard made me realize my wall art is not centered over my bed. The next rainy day…

5. And, to reward all my hard work over the weekend (and because HyVee had a sale on strawberries, so I have strawberries coming out of my ears), I made chocolate covered strawberries. Oh baby, they were good!

So, like I said, I may have been absent, but I’ve been far from lazy. Now that I’m cooking and crafting again, I’m sure my posts will be far more frequent.


2 thoughts on “Just Call Me Martha Stewart

  1. Ty Westover says:

    I am impressed, way to go girl. 😎 By the way I would be happy to test your zuppa to see if I agree. (that is my favorite at Olive Garden) great to hear what’s been going on with you.

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