People talking me up

My ever-so-generous older sister Liz, a.k.a. DakotaLizzie, bestowed upon me the Liebster Blog award.

As Liz described it on her blog, Liebster means “beloved, favorite, dearest” in German. The award is given to bloggers with less than 200 followers. Fellow bloggers can pass on the award as a way to encourage and promote the blogging community. Once someone receives the Liebster award, she or he is to do the following:

1. Post the award on your blog for the world to see!
2. Show your thanks to the blogger who awarded you the Liebster by linking back to them.
3. Reveal your 5 picks for the award and let them know they’ve been chosen.
4. Bask in the love from the most supportive people on the blogosphere…other bloggers!
5. Finally, the best rule of all, have fun and spread the love!

While I am excited to receive some recognition for my blog (even if the recognition comes from my sister), I won’t be passing it on to 5 blogs, simply because I don’t regularly follow 5 blogs.

So, without further adieu, I hereby present the Liebster Blog award to the following bloggers:

Ms. Caryn Vincent at Life In-Between.
Caryn originally started her blog as a means of keeping her friends and family updated while she studied abroad. After returning to this side of the sea, her blog sat untouched for quite sometime, until I got on her case about it and she got back into blogging. During the month of January she posted everyday (or close to it) as part of her participation in Janathon.

Ms. Maddie at Lies I Tell On the Bus.
Once upon a time, Maddie was my classmate. Then we went our separate ways in our respective degrees, and now we just creep on each other on Facebook. Maddie doesn’t post all that frequently, but when she does post, it’s a guaranteed laugh. She cleverly, and usually quite sarcastically, depicts the random encounters she has while waiting for and riding public transit.

Tracy Lynn, the Tracinator.
I hate to copy my older sister by nominating my younger sister, but her blog is indeed one of the few blogs I frequent. With the tagline of “Everything you never wanted to know…and more,” Tracy’s blog is essentially an anti-blog. Tracy hates the idea of blogging, yet she has one because it’s in her best interest, professionally. So, her updates are few and far between, but she’s an excellent writer and usually has a unique perspective to share.

As Liz did in her Liebster post, I also want to give a shout out to my dad, a progressive on the prairie. It’s not that I don’t want to present him with the Liebster award, I just think it might be a little silly for him to put on his blog. Plus, I think he might actually have a large following, a following large enough to “disqualify” him, but don’t quote me on that… Regardless, he avidly writes about the world of books. He also provides numerous links in his posts that are definitely worth checking out.

So there you go. You now know what blogs I frequent. Perhaps as I find more blogs that I enjoy, I might return to this list and nominate two more bloggers, but until then, enjoy the three (four, if you count my dad) listed above.


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