Just in case

I felt the need to be crafty…and, once again, it was to further deck out my living room. Having recently purchased a couch that is beyond most people’s wildest dreams, I’m all about maximizing the atmosphere of my living room. This time I focused on comfort, adding two new euro-sized pillows.

When it comes to pillows on the couch, I believe that bigger is better. But, large pillows can be so gosh darn expensive, so when I learned I could turn 3 standard-size pillows into 2 euro pillows, I jumped at the opportunity. Pinterest led me to “Two Euro Sized Pillows For Under $15.00” by Megan at The Nola Ruth.

I followed the directions of Megan’s post, but with one notable difference: I stitched the batting from the pillow cut in half to the intact pillow. I opted to do this because no one likes a pillow that has two distinct chunks of batting. Basically, I wanted to ensure comfort. (Do you sense a theme here? I like to be comfortable.)

I also diverted from her directions when it came to the pillowcase. With a little help from eHow and the envelope pillowcase I had in my linen closet, I crafted my own envelope pillowcases. If you are interested in making your own, I created a “how to” guide: how to make an envelope pillowcase

My work from start to finish

And here the pillows are on my couch.

I had no idea my couch could be more comfortable than it already was, but it was possible and I plan on reaping the benefits for the rest of the evening.


2 thoughts on “Just in case

  1. Megan says:

    Oooooooh look at you getting all fancy! You have much more patience than I do, I tried making an envelope pillowcase once…and once was more than enough, it looked terrible. Eh, you win some and lose some! You couch looks comfy enough for napping, tv watching and doggie snuggling! 🙂

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