Gettin’ my craft on

Just like half the nation (the female population, that is), I joined Pinterest. At first I was hesitant because I didn’t want to jump on the band wagon. But I joined, and now I have all these awesome DIY projects to do.

The first one I attempted, quite successfully might I add, was these yarns balls.


Being that I recently purchased the most comfortable couch you will ever sit on, and some wall art to go with it, I decided to add a little more décor to my living room with these custom-colored yarn balls.

My supplies.

My supplies

The only thing not pictured is salt. I read in some directions for paper mache that salt helps prevent molding, and that perk appealed to me. As you can tell by the picture, I used two types of glue. And, having done three “batches,” due to time constraints and pure laziness, I didn’t notice a difference between glue brands. I did, however, notice a difference between water to glue ratios. But more on that later…

The first step was wrapping the balloons with dry yarn. This can be quite a feat, but once you find a method that works for you, it is tediously simple. Of the twelve yarn balls I made, I found that the tighter you pull the yarn against the balloon, the better. [I don’t have a picture of this step, my apologies.]

Next came the glue solution. I don’t have a specific water to glue ratio, but I started with equal parts water and glue and slowly added water until my solution was the consistency of skim milk. Then I added a tablespoon or two of salt, and whisked a little bit more. (If you’re a hand person, like me, these are my roommate’s hands.)

Whisk to the consistency of skim milk

Then I dunked the yarn-wrapped balloons in the glue solution. Once all the yarn was sopping wet, I wiped the excessive top layer off the balloons before setting the balloons in old, open aluminum cans. (Hint: if you use really clean cans you can reuse the solution that drips off the balloons.) Then left the balloons to dry, overnight. (These are my hands.)

Dunk the balloon in the solution

It might be worth your time to do this step twice. Once the yarn is completely dry, dunk them in the glue solution and leave them to dry again. Balloons that I dipped and dried twice over turned out more firm.

Let dry

Once all the yarn is dry, and you can feel firmness in the strings, you are free to pop the balloons  and put on display. Before popping my balloons, I sprayed a thick coat of glossy enamel over the yarn, just to help hold the structure.

And ta-da! My finished yarn balls!

Finished: 8 of the 10 turned out presentable

Finished close up 1

Finished close up 2


3 thoughts on “Gettin’ my craft on

  1. Caryn says:

    I’m quite impressed. Good work!

  2. lovelylizzie says:

    Holy cow, lady! Can you make some for me??

  3. lovelylizzie says:

    Also, now that you’re blogging again and crafting, I awarded you with the Liebster award. I’m being biased, but whatever. You deserve an award for making it through the trials of being a middle child. 😛

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