A couple weekends ago a couple of friends and I decided to pay the Nebraska State Fair a visit, so we jumped in Freddie (my Ford Escape) and drove the hour and a half to Grand Island, NE . On our way out there I noticed I needed to get my oil changed soon, but it wasn’t the time or place for that, so I put it on my mental to-do list and continued on our way.

Everything went smoothly on the way out there, and at the fair we got our fried Oreo, Reese’s funnel cake, corn dog, lemonade and smoked turkey leg fix. (Don’t judge here. Who eats healthy things at the fair?!)

After a couple of hours, we started on our way home and entertained ourselves with some tunes. Everything was going fine as we’re driving along the interstate, until I see all the warning lights flash on my console and Freddie shuts off. Yes, Freddie’s engine stops running as I’m going 80 mph on the interstate. As I flash back to my Grand Am dying on the interstate in 2006 (when I threw a rod), I start to panic a little, thinking, “shit, not again.”

Being that I my engine is no longer on, I decide I need to pull off to the side of the road, so I go to push the brake. Turns out the brake is locked. Push as I might, I seriously cannot brake. So I turn on the hazards and pull off on the shoulder and we coast until we can safely pull the emergency brake.

Once we are stopped, I put Freddie in park and turn off the ignition. The music and headlights are still on so I know my battery didn’t die mid-drive. Then I think, hmm, I’m only 200 miles over my suggested oil change, that can’t be it either. I’m at a loss and I’m starting to think some electronic in my car just crapped out.

After giving Freddie a minute to sit, I turn the ignition, and nothing happens. We’re all dumbfounded, thinking “What the hell went wrong?”

I pulled out my handy-dandy AAA card and grab my phone (which I had set on my console in the event someone would actually want to talk to me). As I’m sitting on the phone, waiting for a AAA representative, I notice a familiar light on my console. A light that is covered up when I put my phone on the console.

What light is it you ask?

It’s the gas light.

Yep, that’s right. This idiot ran out of gas on the interstate.

Luckily we were just 5 miles away from a small town exit on the interstate, so we only had to wait about half an hour for AAA to bring us gas (complimentary gas, might I add, because of my father’s wise decision to go platinum on the membership…).

As elated as I was to find out that Freddie didn’t crap out on me, my ego was quite bruised by the fact that I ran out of gas. But hey, considering I don’t get gas until my gas light kicks on, it was bound to happen. I’m just glad I had company during the ordeal.

But, don’t worry. There’s a bright side to this story. Considering I didn’t see my gas light because my phone was blocking the gas light the entire time, I can say I’m a safe of a driver and know better than to be on my phone while driving…


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