Scootin’ around

This summer I bought a scooter.

The decision to buy a scooter came from owning an SUV and moving to the south side of Lincoln, NE.

For the past two years, my residence was extremely convenient. Living less than three miles to work and school, and being on a bus route for one of those years, I saved a lot of money on in-town travel because I could walk, bike or bus to work and school.

While my Ford Escape is a stud of a vehicle and I love driving it, my Escape really isn’t very gas efficient and I had a hard time justifying the cross-town drive in an SUV for just one person. So, I bought a scooter for my in-town travels.

Freddie the Ford and Lil' Red (not named after the Huskers)

The initial upfront cost of buying the scooter was an investment, but I think that within a year, I can “pay it off” in gas savings. So, since June 3, I’ve been recording all the money I’ve spent on gas and the miles I’ve driven on both my Escape and my scooter. Here’s the summary of my gas usage this summer (as of August 20):

My Escape
179.3 gallons of gas purchased
$608.82 spent on gas
Approximately 3600 miles driven
Averaging 19.61 mpg

My Scooter
4.577 gallons of gas purchased
$17.49 spent on gas
Approximately 400 miles driven
Averaging 110.2 mpg

As you can see, I put A LOT of miles on my Escape this summer, which really racked up my gas bill. But, almost all those miles are roadtrip miles that I was going to with or without a scooter. I was very diligent about not driving my Escape around town unless I needed to (for example, I can’t go grocery shopping with my scooter). So, I added a lot of highway and interstate miles to my Escape, but I saved almost 400 in-town miles from being added to my Escape’s odometer.

So, with these 400 miles driving on my scooter I saved, wait for it…

400 miles * (1 gallon/19.61 miles) * (($608.82/179.264 gallons)/ 1 gallon) = $ 69.27 – 17.49 = $51.78

Due to the various road trips I took this summer, I really didn’t experience the gas savings I initially hoped for, but now that I’m not road tripping every weekend, the gas saving will start adding up.

Plus, by saving $51.78, I’ve already paid off 3% of my scooter investment.


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