I turned to blades

Day 12: 1.5 miles (running)
Day 13: 4 miles (rollerblading!)

Unlike Janathon, when I had little to no soreness, Juneathon has left me achy and sore. After a crappy run/walk on Day 11, my goal for Day 12 was simply to jog (even if it was slow) my entire route. It wasn’t easy, but I did it.

Then I woke up on Day 13 (Monday), as sore as I did during volleyball tryouts in high school, when our coaches pushed us to see our limits. Not a great way to start a week, so rather than add to my soreness and fuel my dislike for running, I decided to rollerblade.

Blading is soooo much more enjoyable than running. And I am seriously considering making it a habit. My roommate and I were even thinking about working up to a certain route that’s about 15 miles. Of course we’ll build up to it, but by the end of the summer, we’re gonna give the 15-mile route a try.


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