Long Day. Short Blog.

Distance: 1.33 miles

It’s only day one of Juneathon and I am exhausted. Thankfully, however, it’s just a bad case of jet lag rather than an injury or being out of shape (which I suppose could also be the case as my running has been rather sporadic).

With my family’s Hawaiian vacation ending last night, today was a travel day. The past 36 hours of my life consisted of airports, Delta dilemmas and about 2 hours of sleep.

As much as I would like to write more (and tell you all of my Delta woes), it is becoming far too difficult to form a coherent sentence. Ergo, I will say that day one of Juneathon truly showed my dedication. After all my travels and my severe lack of sleep, my sister (who is also participating in Juneathon) and I managed to take the family dogs for a run this evening. Not only that, we ran fast enough that we shattered her best mile time. Not bad for day one…

( P.S. I am aware I am not yet proudly displaying the Juneathon logo, but no worries, that’s on my every-growing to-do list.)


One thought on “Long Day. Short Blog.

  1. shazruns says:

    Jet lag + run amazing start

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