Ghetto, no more

I’m out, I’m out! After two years, I’m officially moved out of the ghetto!

While I have been grateful for the dirt-cheap rent I’ve paid for the last two years, I cannot be more excited to move out of my 4-bedroom duplex located in, what I call, the industrial ghetto of Lincoln.

For those that have not been part of my regular ghetto stories, I compiled a brie summary of my time spent living in the ghetto.

  • 1 gunfight in a nearby alley
    • Turned out what I believed to be kids playing with firecrackers, was actually people shooting each other.
  • 1 weapon discharged outside my bedroom window
    • The first night in my duplex I awoke to a commotion outside my bedroom window, in which a policeman was yelling at a perpetrator to drop his weapon.
  • 2 legal consultations about a lease dispute [see: crazy roommate and mom]
    • One “unofficial” (when I turned to my lawyer dad for advice) and one official (when another roommate when to UNL’s legal services)
  • 4 policemen paying us a visit
    • #1: an officer informing us of the previously mentioned gunfight
    • #2: filing a complaint about our obnoxious corner neighbors
    • #3: calling the police because of neighborly vandalism
    • #4: when one roommate and her mom decided the lease is more of a suggestion than a contract
  • 6 roommates, 2 of which turned out to be crazy
    • I’m not kidding about the crazy, I’ve got stories to back it up, everything from prom drama to being “the other woman” and theft to bulimia.

While I often talk about how terrible the ghetto is because the neighborhood darkens your good mood, living there was a good experience. It genuinely opened my eyes to a community/culture I previously overlooked.

I am not from a fancy, shmancy neighborhood, but I did grow up in a neighborhood where I didn’t have to think twice about going for a run, by myself, at 10 pm. I was also fortunate enough to have parents that could afford a nice house in a neighborhood that when a window is broken, it is replaced, not boarded up.

Living in this duplex has made me very grateful from where I come from. It’s also made me more appreciative of small things most people don’t really think about, like having a paved in-town driveway or a window that opens up to open space, not the garage or the next house’s deck.

Like most of my other experiences, I am glad I had the experience of living in a not-so-nice neighborhood, but I would not want to do it again. I am very excited about the house I’m moving into, it not only has a backyard, it also has a doorbell that works!


One thought on “Ghetto, no more

  1. Christine says:

    congratulations on your move. yes, unfortunately you have to go through bad experiences to appreciate the good things in your life!

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