I’ve fallen off the wagon…

and am in the mud.

I’ve been a completely worthless pile since Janathon. Not only did I stop running on a regular basis, I failed at my month of pushups, I have yet to set a goal for March, and to top it off, it’s been a month since my last blog entry.  Yes, complete and utter fail on my part.

While I want to get back to a consistent workout schedule, I feel like I’m at a loss. In addition to school (complete with hours of homework and group project meetings), I have a job, I coach a volleyball team, I am working on a project for the wonderful office I interned with last summer and I have something that sort of resembles a social life. That’s a lot to pack into a week. After factoring in sleep, there’s not a lot of time to workout. While I could stretch myself a little thinner and squeeze in gym time, it’s not exactly a priority. It is my last semester of undergraduate classes, and I want to enjoy it.

With that said, I have decided I won’t be doing the Lincoln half in May, simply because I don’t have time (and currently no motivation) to train for the run. However, even though I won’t be running the a half-marathon, my little sister and I are trying to find a 5K or 10K to run during our 2-week family vacation in – wait for it – HAWAII!

Yes, be jealous. Be madly jealous. My family and I will be returning to Hawaii for the last half of May. I am incredibly excited for the sun, the fresh fruit (pineapple!!!), the beach, luaus and legitimate pina coladas.

So, while I won’t be at the gym training for a half-marathon, I will be getting my butt in shape for my vacation.

P.S.  I promise I will update my blog more frequently. No more of this once a month nonsense.


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