Birthday to me, birthday to me

Today was my birthday. I turned the big 2-2, double deuces, if you will.

Now that I’m over 21, not only do I have no more birthdays to look forward to, but I’m also no longer considered a drinking rookie (as if I ever was…).

Anyway, despite my old age and the vast collection of candid home video moments of me, which include me saying “you pick up” to my dad when he asks me to help my sister clean our toy room and my nightie-lifting streaking days, family birthdays always bring out my wonderful 4-year-old, caught-on-tape rendition of Happy Birthday To You, in which I sing “birthday to you, birthday to you, birthday toooooooooooo yooooouuuuuuuuuuuu!” Even though I didn’t sing it right, it was a proud moment for my 4-year-old self, and my family loves to relive it.

Since today is supposedly “my day” and I’m not doing anything to celebrate, I thought I’d do a little ditty about me. So, enjoy 50 facts about me:

  1. I do not like zoos.
  2. I have a mild fear of wheelbarrows.
  3. I LOVE Peter Pan and anything to do with him (except for Tinkerbell…)
  4. My laptop’s name is Eric.
  5. My Ford Escape’s name is Freddie.
  6. I have gotten two speeding tickets, and one warning.
  7. I have had 14 roommates/housemates in college, not to mention the semester I lived in a sorority house. Yes, I am on the 4-year plan, surprisingly. And yes, I was once a sorority girl (feel free to laugh). Despite this track record, let it be known that I am good roommate – many of my former roommates will vouch for this.
  8. I have been to Hawaii twice, and I’ll be returning in May.
  9. I spent two weeks in Spain.
  10. I have been on three cruises, all of which were in the Caribbean.
  11. Left-handedness fascinates me.
  12. I can only fold and put my laundry away when it is warm.
  13. I have lived in six zip codes.
  14. I turned 21 on 2/10/2010. Maybe it’s just me that thinks that’s kind of cool.
  15. I hate, hate, hate stickers (and other sticky things).
  16. I am a dog person.
  17. I cannot wait to have a St. Bernard. She will be my baby bernard, named Nana (yes, just like in Peter Pan).
  18. I like to watch The Little Mermaid when I am sick. (This happened to come out the year I was born.)
  19. I once stuck a tweezers in an outlet to see what completing the circuit would look like. Turns out, it blows the fuse. Whoops.
  20. I once set a phone battery on fire. I do not recommend you do that.
  21. I sometimes laugh when someone yells at or lectures me.
  22. In middle school, I was obsessed with Enrique Iglesias’ “Hero.”
  23. I once had a pickle slice come out my nose. That was the same day I decided to remove my nose ring. Cause and effect relationship? I think so.
  24. I learned the hard way that cartoons lie. You do not sneeze immediately after snorting pepper.
  25. The only reason I played basketball my freshman year of high school was because my gym teacher asked me to try out, and I didn’t want to get a B in gym.
  26. My socks rarely match.
  27. I sleep best when I am wearing a hooded sweatshirt, hood up of course.
  28. My sisters are my best friends.
  29. My little sister is taller than me, while my older sister is shorter than me.
  30. My sisters and I identify with The Three Stooges. I am Mo (the bully), the younger one is Curly (she likes cheese), and the older one is Larry (the somewhat sane one, stuck with two idiots).
  31. Before hearing the story, my dad blamed me when my older sister fractured her ankle.
  32. During a visit from Grandma G, my older sister sent me to the to the emergency room for stitches when she pushed me off a bed (while I was mid-jump, mind you), causing me to fall back and smack my head on a wooden chair.
  33. My younger sister kicked me down a flight of stairs.
  34. I am a South Dakota AA State Volleyball Champion.
  35. While in high school, I worked in a shoe store.
  36. I also worked at a pet store.
  37. I spent my summers working at a wonderful home daycare.
  38. My high school graduation class had 427 people, I think.
  39. Organic chemistry almost made me start smoking.
  40. I used to sneak spoonfuls of my mom’s homemade daiquiris when I was young. Hell, I still do this.
  41. I love my middle name.
  42. I do not get excited about my birthday (February 10!).
  43. I don’t like wearing seatbelts.
  44. I have never broken a bone.
  45. I was on arthritis medicine in high school.
  46. I used to practice parallel parking on my bicycle.
  47. I really enjoy learning about prison.
  48. I sometimes wonder what prison personality I’d be.
  49. My favorite number is 13.
  50. I believe Beverly Hills, 90210 might be the best show ever created. (Not the last couple of season though – things especially go downhill once B. Walsh leaves…)

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