The end

Distance: 2.25 miles

Guess what? I did it!

70.1 miles covered during my 31 consecutive days of running

Not only did I complete Janathon – running everyday and meeting my own personal goal – I also accomplished something else. I can officially cross #220 off “The List.” This list is my equivalent to a bucket list, but it was started long before bucket lists were the thing to have. No. 220 of my list is “run 1 mile a day, 4x a week, for 1 month.” I can not only say I did this, I can say I blew it out of the water!

Inspired by Janathon, I’m hoping to continue doing a designated “thing” every day of every month for the rest of the year. Each month the thing will change. Some months, the thing will be physical activity while other months the thing will be more abstract.  I have yet to decide what each month will be, but I know February is going to be filled with pushups.

I considered attempting the 100 Pushup Challenge, but aside from bragging rights, I don’t see the point in being able to do 100 straight pushups. Thus, I’m halving the challenge and aiming for 50 straight pushups. Conveniently, this will also cross a couple items off The List: #227, 15 pushups a day for 1 month and #228, 50 pushups in one sitting.

While I intend to maintain my blog, I do not foresee daily posts. Between school, work and a reasonable facsimile of a social life, blogging is not exactly a huge priority of mine. But that’s not to say you should forget about my blog and me. I plan to post updates regarding my monthly goals and I’m sure I’ll have plenty of ramblings to share, but my blogging frequency is about to become more sporadic.

Anyway, before my freezing fingers go numb, congratulations to all the Janathoners (perhaps I’ll see you in June!) and a special thanks to Cathy for organizing Janathon.


3 thoughts on “The end

  1. mike says:

    Great job! And wow, how big is that not-a-bucket list? Holy crap.

    Such a relief to drop the daily posts. I’ll keep ya in my reader though because I’ve learned a thing or 2. For example, never patronize Anytime Fitness.

  2. Defo have to see you in June, you and I have a target of over 110 to meet!

  3. […] of daily jogging, logging and blogging. My loyal followers (all three of you) might remember that I successfully completed Janathon once before in 2011, but my followers might also remember I unsuccessfully attempted Juneathon later that same year. […]

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