13.3 miles to go

Distance: 4.9 miles

Today was a looong workout. I wish I could say I ran 4.9 miles straight, but I didn’t. Did a solid mile, some walk/sprint combos, another mile, and walk/sprint combos again. Not the most enjoyable of a workout, but it got me the mileage I needed so tomorrow’s run can be short and sweet.

Even though I’m hoping to run 13.1 miles in May for the Lincoln half, having to squeeze 13 miles in over the next few days is going to be a struggle. Like I said yesterday, I’m not intimidated by the physical aspect, it’s the time commitment that seems quite daunting. I’m so close to the end of Janathon (and I’m still running!!), but previous commitments are minimizing my time for Janathon. Don’t you worry though, I fully intend to finish Janathon, as well as meet my goal.


One thought on “13.3 miles to go

  1. mike says:

    Just listen to your body/legs.
    It can be fun to bump up mileage, but your legs might revolt!

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