Sock trouble

Distance: .33 miles (according to

Today I did not want to run. I slept in late, got out of bed for a homemade cinnamon roll, and crawled right back into bed. Although I was relatively productive in bed – getting some homework and work stuff done – I finally got out of bed around 4:30 PM. Still not wanting run but not wanting to give up on Janathon, I decided I’d run around the block. It may not have been a full-fledged run, but it’s a run nonetheless.

But on to something more important: socks.

For those that don’t know me, I have my own distinct socks habits. Rarely do my socks match, but unbeknownst to those who notice my mismatched socks, there’s a method to my madness. Rather than trying to explain my methodical madness, I just need to say that I made a sock purchase yesterday that will completely upset my whole sock system.

Until yesterday, all my athletic socks were low cut (save for the few pairs of tube socks I still have from my volleyball days). I prefer low-cut socks because I can’t stand when my socks go past my shoes. This drives me nuts because I feel like people’s eyes are drawn to the socks that my shoes can’t contain.

While my low-cut socks have never before done me wrong, my socks have caused me a great deal of grief this past week. Because all my “running” shoes sit higher than my socks and I’ve been running everyday, my shoes have rubbed my heels raw. Wanting to remedy this predicament I’ve found myself in, I went to Target yesterday to by some ankle high socks. [As a side note, I think the cashier found my entire purchase humorous. Socks and a bottle of wine. I can only imagine what he thought I was up to…]

So today’s run was the first chance I got to wear high socks. The socks coming above my shoes didn’t bother me too much as I was wearing pants, but what bothered me about these socks was their packaging. My socks came in a resealable bag. Um, excuse me, but why do I need a resealable bag for my socks?!

Granted I’m a little OCD when it comes to new clothes as I have to wash all my new clothes before I can wear them (I started doing this because I hate smelling like the store, but perhaps you should adopt this habit too…), but as far as I know, when people buy new socks, they generally pair the socks up, toss the socks in their sock drawer and discard the packaging. Yet, Fruit of the Loom is providing socks in resealable packaging.


Not only do I not understand the logic behind this, I’m also upset that Fruit of the Loom is wasting consumer’s money on this unneeded package feature. Why not put the extra money you are paying for a resealable bag into the quality of the sock? By no means am I saying Fruit of the Loom has sub-standard socks, but it couldn’t hurt to improve the quality of their socks.

Perhaps I put too much thought into this. For all I know, Fruit of the Loom cut a deal on resealable bags or this is a feature included for sock returns. While I don’t know the reason behind this packaging feature, I do know that  these socks are going to be outcasts in my sock drawer. Not only are they ankle highs, they also came in a resealable bag. How can they not stand out?


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