Boredom, 1 : Andrea, 0

Distance: 2.25 miles

You know what my problem is? I have too short of an attention span for running.

Like I’ve mentioned before, I’m not a natural runner. Until a few years ago, you couldn’t pay me enough to run. But then I discovered the stress relief capability of running and I started running when I was angry, upset, sad or had something weighing on my mind. With this mentality, running became enjoyable because it was an outlet for the feelings I didn’t want to talk about.

Not that I’m complaining, but my life is pretty ding, dang, dong uneventful right now (welcome to the real world, I suppose). I very much welcome the lack of drama, but this also means I don’t have much to think about as I run, let alone an emotion to shed. In addition to this, I’m also starting to grow tired of my music and podcasts, so half the time I’m not even listening to anything as I run.

So there I was running today, staring aimlessly at a TV I’m really not interested in, no thought crossing my mind, no emotional turmoil, and no audio (aside from the sqeaking recumbent bike behind me). I’m not particularly tired, but I’m bored. My attempt to remember the words to various nursery rhymes is no longer entertaining me, yet I’ve only run about 1.75 miles. What am I to do?

At this point, my run is a mental battle. I would have welcomed the mental battle where I’m trying to get another mile out of my legs, but instead, I’m trying to convince myself that another 10 minutes won’t bore to me death. Unfortunately, after another quarter mile, my boredom wins and I call it quits.

It’s pathetic really, but this weekend I’m hoping to check out a solution. I’m going to hit up the local libraries to see if they have any who-done-it books on CD, you know the minute mystery variety. With this, I’m hoping I’ll be too busy listening for clues that I won’t notice the time drag by.



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