Tomorrow’s going to hurt

Distance: approximately 1 mile

A heat wave (meaning mid-40s) passed through Lincoln today, so I decided to take my run outside. I had to sludge through slush to get to one of the city’s bike trails, but once I was there, the path was clear and I was set to go. Because it was still rather chilly out and because I haven’t run on pavement since, oh,¬†September, I decided to only do a mile to minimize the hip pain I will, without a doubt, feel tomorrow.

But alas, it was great to run outside. I didn’t have red numbers glaring up from a treadmill console, and I didn’t have to count laps while running circles around a soccer field. Instead, I felt a cool wind on my face and the bite of cold air in my lungs. While I doubt I’ll be able to work in another outdoor run before the weekend – and who knows if the weekend will be warm enough – I am eagerly looking forward to my next run outdoors.


One thought on “Tomorrow’s going to hurt

  1. Dee says:

    On the flip-side, I have never run on anything other than pavement / tarmac. I am about to join a Gym though so may try a treadmill there to see how it feels. I tended to be a warmer months runner, so thanks go to Janathon for getting us out in the cold. Keep going!

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