Good night, good breakfast, good run

Distance: 3.25 miles

This weekend I visited an old friend. Even though she and I don’t see each other that often, we don’t seem to miss a beat. It’s like our conversation never really stops, no matter the time between our visits. We spent our Saturday chatting over margaritas, going to the University of Nebraska – Omaha v. Bemidji State University hockey game and hanging out at a local bar in her hometown. While it might not have been comparable to a night in Vegas, I had a great time.

Before I made my way back home this morning, my friend and I joined her parents for breakfast a local diner. Not only was the food amazing (and cheap!), the conversation was great. Of course there was casual banter, but we also talked about running. Having recently run his first half-marathon, my friend’s dad really encouraged me to do the Lincoln half-marathon (which he, too, will be running). He’s also inspired my friend [his daughter]: she said, “I figured if my dad can run a half-marathon, so can I.” Which means, I might have a running buddy if I do this half-marathon in May.

I think this weekend was exactly what I needed, a little mid-Janathon pick-me-up. Not that I was thinking about throwing in the Jantathon bag, but I knew I was getting bored with my work-class-work-run routine. Visiting my friend left me with a renewed sense of “running vigor.” Cheers to great friendships!


2 thoughts on “Good night, good breakfast, good run

  1. lazybetty says:

    no don’t give up! the second half will fly by!

  2. Am pleased that you are motivated again to keep running – a running buddy always helps as you can encourage each other to get out there and run.

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