My petty annoyance

Distance: 3.13 miles

I don’t have much to say about today’s run – which included speed work, incline running and even some walking – but I do want to rant for a moment. People of all fitness levels use treadmills for tons of reasons, and I don’t want to be one to judge how others use their treadmill time because I’m sure others sometimes wonder why I do the things I do. But, there’s one type of treadmill user that irritates me: the ones who walk on the treadmill that’s set at a steep incline and insist on holding onto the console/hand bar. Doesn’t this grasping of the console somewhat defeat the purpose of the incline? Sure, sure, we don’t want anyone falling off the end of the treadmill and I admit I grasp the console when I need a little help maintaining my pace, but I don’t hold the console for the duration of my workout.

To me, if I set the treadmill at a steep incline, I’m going to damn well pump my arms to prevent me from flying off the end of the treadmill. I don’t know, perhaps I’m missing something. Maybe this is actually some treadmill technique I never learned and these console-grabbing treadmill users are irritated at me because I don’t use the treadmill like them. Regardless, I suppose they aren’t hurting me by grabbing the console, so maybe I shouldn’t let their habits bother me. After all, it’s their compromised workout, not mine.


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