A view from the top

Distance: 3 miles

The rec center was quite busy today when I got there, and my preferred treadmill was in use. However, it was a friend of mine using it, so I asked how much longer she’d be before taking a seat on the nearby bleachers to mull over my personal statement (which is not getting any better…).

When my friend ended her run, I hopped on to do a nice, slow, 3-mile jog with varying inclines. I must say the treadmill was well worth the wait because the view kept me entertained. On the basketball court below, there were tons of guys waiting to scrimmage – and these guys were of much greater skill than the ones I watched the other day. So, for the duration of my run I got to watch live basketball, some of it sloppy, yes, but at least there weren’t any commercial breaks!

The view from my treadmill.


2 thoughts on “A view from the top

  1. runorgocrazy says:

    That would definitely make the dreadmill more interesting, worth waiting for!

  2. mike says:

    That beats a boring old TV any day. Plus you can join in if they’re short a player. Not sure if you’re any good at b-ball, but at the very least, you could run circles around them.

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