Snow can’t stop me

Distance: 2 miles

Despite the winter storm that closed campus today and cancelled classes tomorrow, the dark cloud hovering over my running has opened up and given me a good running day. Not only did I get to run on my favorite treadmill, my running helped alleviate the cabin fever I acquired yesterday by planting my butt on the couch and watching movies all afternoon and evening.

I intended to only do a timed mile, but my mile was interrupted when some basketball hotshot air-balled the basketball onto the third floor and called up to me to drop it down to him (I was running in the “gallery” section of an old gym – I’ll post a picture some time). I could have said no, but I was the only person on the third floor and I didn’t want to make him do an unnecessary flight of stairs. So, off my treadmill I hopped and there went my mile time.

Rather than call it a day I decided I’d do a little bit of speed training – which was a nice break from my monotonous running. For awhile, I toyed with the idea of prolonging my workout, but since today was the first enjoyable run I’ve had in a while, I figured why push it? After all, it’s a snow day for me. By simply getting out of bed, I’ve done a lot more than most of my collegiate peers.


One thought on “Snow can’t stop me

  1. mike says:

    That b-ball may have been a mixed blessing. Some days, it’s better to run, ignoring the time.

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