As so the second week of Janathon begins…

Distance: 3 miles

The second week of Janathon is not off to a good start. Despite being back in Lincoln, I ran (no pun intended) into several problems tonight:

  1. The east campus rec is still closed for winter break – forcing me to go to the city campus rec.
  2. There was a soccer game going on in the Cook pavilion, so I couldn’t run on the AstroTurf.
  3. I ran into an ex-boyfriend, who was one of the soccer refs.
  4. I brought my iPod, but I left my headphones in the car.
  5. The treadmill bank is scheduled for repair on Monday, so all – and I mean all – the treadmills were in rough condition. Imagine random bumps on the belt…
  6. The TV on my treadmill was not working (which, really, wasn’t that big of a deal because there’s nothing good on TV anyway).
  7. I got a lovely charlie horse in my left calf after the first mile – forcing me to stretch again and walk it off.

So that was day 8 of Janathon. It definitely could have gone better, but at least I got my run in because for a brief moment yesterday, when I was reading through other Janathon blogs, the competitor in me almost threw in the towel. I never intended to run the most miles during January since I’m really just a beginner. Until yesterday, I was feeling pretty good about my 13 mile week until I saw that the lead mileages are in the 100s. Gary V has run 101 miles and Jenks has run 100 miles. Good golly miss Molly!

Jealousy aside, I am completely amazed by this. This is an incredible and inspiring accomplishment. Like I previously mentioned, I didn’t embark on Janathon to win. I’m doing Jantathon for myself. I’ve never been a strong runner yet I’ve always wanted to run a (half) marathon. To me, Janathon not only gave me a great stepping stone toward a personal goal, but it also provides a great sense of community and encouragement, virtual as it may be.

Because my mileage is far from the Janathon leader board, I’m reevaluating my approach to Janathon and I’m choosing to utilize my jealously and competitiveness. As I’m not a runner by nature, I cannot imagine ever logging 100 miles in one week. However, knowing that this is possible, I now want to set a monthly mileage goal. My personal mileage goal, for the month of January, is 70 miles. Sure, sure, this doesn’t compare to the goals of other Janathoners, but I’m being realistic. Between classes, work, coaching and socialization I don’t have the time, endurance or dedication to do much more.

To all Janathon participants, from the intense to the injured, keep up the good work!


One thought on “As so the second week of Janathon begins…

  1. runhelenrun says:

    A target is a great Idea, I started off wanting to do at least 100km so about 62 miles but about doing 31 in the first week (19 miles) I think I’m going to try and hit 150 km instead so about 93 miles. Eeek!

    I’ve got a half marathon coming up very soon so really need to start getting some longer runs in!

    Good luck with your target!

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