Janathon has turned me crooked

Distance: 2.5 miles

I’m an honest person and I have a clean record (even a clean driving record at the moment, knock on wood). Even though I like to say I live on the wild side, and I market myself as a BA from SD [bad ass from South Dakota], I don’t have a criminal bone in my body. However, for the past 15 days I’ve been working out at a gym where the windows in front of the cardio equipment overlook a bank. Combine this with my recent viewing of The Town, Ben Afleck’s movie about bank robberies in Boston, and you get Andrea considering how to rob a bank.

Like I said, I really don’t have a criminal bone in my body, but I’m still on my semester break so I really don’t have anything I need to be thinking about during my run, ergo, my imagination took over. After careful thought, I decided my attention to detail and my calm demeanor would help in such a scheme. But then I realized I’m not technologically deft enough to (1) open the vault and (2) cover my tracks (i.e. making sure google doesn’t log my “how to rob a bank” search). Not only am I not skilled enough for this job, I also lack friends who could assist in such a scheme.

But you know, maybe it’s a good thing my friends and I are not cut out to rob backs. Sure, its quick money, but boy, I’d rather stay on the good side of the law. I’d rather run for Janathon than from the police.


One thought on “Janathon has turned me crooked

  1. mike says:

    Yeah but at least you could run quickly when you decided to bail out!
    Let’s see how were all doing in another week or 2, when running FROM Janathon may sound attractive.

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